Stay tuned for a bunch more podcasts!

I just received permission yesterday from another podcaster to upload her homeschool podcasts here…and of course I already have Rebecca Kochenderfer’s permission to upload hers from (Still working on that…got off-track recently, woops!)

My goal for this site is to make it easy to find high quality secular homeschool related podcasts all in one place. Without having to dig through all the content on iTunes. I LOVE iTunes but it can, at times, be very overwhelming! And a search for the term “homeschool” sometimes turns up dead accounts and podcasts that never posted anything and even nonrelated podcasts, not to mention the podcasts that are just garbage. This wastes time, and I like things to be clear and concise and convenient, so that is why I am making this website.

In order to do this, I’m having to do a lot of digging and research to find all that is out there, weeding out the lower quality, and then getting permission to post the good quality here. There isn’t a ton of homeschool related podcasts out there, in the scheme of things. Particularly not ones that aren’t highly religious. So this is very doable.

This is a quest of mine: To find secular (or tolerably religious) GOOD QUALITY homeschool podcasts.

And, I might add, I am simultaneously also working on my other new site:

So bear with me on this journey. I plan to also create Facebook and Twitter pages for this site, as I have with my others, to help keep people informed on things here.

If you have any suggestions on homeschool related podcasts, please let me know by emailing me at sunflowermom38(at)gmail(dot)com or posting a comment here!

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  • A very, VERY worthy goal you are working toward!! Thanks for the time you are putting into bringing together secular homeschooling podcasts. BIG Kudos!! I’ll try to promote them on my site!

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