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Maybe I will keep this site going…

I have been debating let this site go….but recently I was thinking it might be fun to keep it alive and do things a little differently than I had originally intended.

I do have my own podcast now, The Savvy Homeschool Moms, that publishes now and then, when my cohost and I can find the time in our busy lives…and we have a very enthusiastic following!

But I also still listen to many other homeschool podcasts…I very much keep my finger on the pulse of the homeschool community in the podcast world….mainly because I just really love listening to podcasts…and when I want to learn something, I most want to learn about things related to my kids and educating them!

I originally wanted to really dive deep into what’s available out there in homeschool podcasts….and spend time spotlighting excellent episodes, as you see in previous blog posts here….but that’s far more time consuming than I have time for. Plus, there’s just not as many high quality homeschool podcasts out there for me to highlight as I had hoped. Certainly not ones without religious content, which is what I personally was looking for.

So, along the way, I lost interest in developing this site, and instead developed my own secular podcast with a friend…and now, a few years later….I’m thinking about this site again and thinking that this site might actually still have value…

There are still a LOT of homeschool podcasts on iTunes….over half of which on iTunes are dead or just plain garbage, so I would say that it could be very helpful to have a place to list what’s available and what’s worth your time and what’s not. Seems like it would be handy to have a chart to see at a glance which are dead, which are religious, which are low quality, which are high quality, etc….of course, this will be based on my opinion, but that’s what you got, since I’m the one taking the time to do this, so there ya go. 🙂

I have very limited time, and when I do have time, I’m going to put it toward important things like educating my kids and producing my podcast and creating content for my blog at Homeschool Realm and creating content for my online classes for kids at Noodle Homeschool…or any number of other projects I’m currently working on…but since I’m pretty A.D.D. and I enjoy the idea of tidy lists and have been wanting to get all the homeschool podcasts sorted out into a list like this just for myself for awhile…..I suspect that I will be squeezing time into my already full schedule here and there to work on this and see where it takes me. Assuming I don’t forget about it again. Feel free to message me on Facebook and remind me of this project if you are looking for this list. Ask me how the list is coming…it’ll light a fire under me again, I betcha! 🙂